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  About Our Traverse City Marketing Team

We’re Changing The Game

We decided it was time to create the kind of marketing agency we wanted to work for. A place that was passionate about achieving results for their clients and embraced a creative culture. But most importantly we wanted to change what marketing had become known for in our community and beyond.

Why The Team Is Important

There’s a lot of tech savvy people out there who know little about how people buy and how purchasing habits work. Though they may create visually appealing websites, the sales conversions could be minimal. A graphic designer can create advertisements that look amazing but may not produce results because the message isn’t spot on. You can find an amazing videographer to shoot a commercial for TV but can he write a script that will draw in viewers to take action?

LeadPlan Marketing combines the technology of the web, social media, traditional media, and SEO with the knowledge of consumer purchasing habits and targeted advertising.


You will notice that a lot of our branding is focused around music. We are both huge fans of music and John is a former touring artist. We thought that music was a great way to express what marketing should be doing for your business. We wanted to raise the question “Are you marketing like a rock star?”. When it comes to your business, you want to be the main event and not the opening act. Instead of a crowd of people, you have a demographic to reach. Instead of a song, you’re going to talk about your business. The Internet is the stage and the whole world is watching. We want our clients to deliver one hell of a performance!

john-white-backgroundJohn Smiddy – Owner/Marketing Consultant

John is a former Media Consultant for both Fox and CBS affiliated broadcast stations. He specializes in persuasive writing, advertising copywriting, sales, and buying habits. He studied under Richard Johnson’s Hidden Marketing Assets program and Richard Boureston for copywriting and persuasive writing. John is a certified inbound marketer through Hubspot Academy. He has written TV commercials for clothing companies, wealth management, education systems, realtors, lawyers and much more.

AJ Anderson - LeadPlan MarketingAJ Anderson – SEO/Content Manager

AJ is the mind behind all things related to content creation, SEO, and all of the fun things that go into improving website rankings within search results. AJ is passionate about entrepreneurship, technology, and people. He’s had a drive to create since he was very young. AJ once resided in North Korea while serving as a member of the United States Air Force. These days, you’ll also find him spending time with his wife and kids, camping, river-kayaking, and shooting as many photographs as he can manage.

brian-white-backgroundBrian Boyer – Owner/Marketing Consultant

Brian has over 10 years of digital marketing experience, has worked with over 200 clients, and previously managed a digital marketing agency. He is both Google AdWords and Analytics certified and has experience managing success advertising campaigns. Brian has helped clients create marketing strategies using web design, SEO, social media, digital advertising, and everything in-between. His unique social media talents have taken viral videos all the way to Good Morning America.

dane-deroshia-leadplan-marketingDane Deroshia – Creative Services

kyle-hooper-leadplan-marketingKyle Hooper – Account Executive

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In today’s Internet focused marketplace, the world is your stage. Is your business being presented as the main event or just the opening act? You have so many options but what will get your message to your demographic and what should that message be?
We don’t sell marketing products to our clients. We develop strategies to drive them leads and we integrate the products needed for every unique marketing plan we design. These robust marketing plans consist of Web Design, Social Media, Content Creation, SEO, Digital Advertising and Marketing, and Traditional Media. LeadPlan Marketing is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that creates success stories for business owners.

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